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The Ganga is one of the most revered rivers for no small reason. Every body of water gives us life, Ganga is life for Millions all along the path it traverses across as it makes its way to the Bay of Bengal and finally in to the ocean.

Each one must support the cause and sign the petition because, "The issue, is not development vs. environment. It is extinction vs. survival. There is need for a new and long-term policy to protect the dying Himalaya." as Quoted by Sri Sunderlal Bahuguna: Environmentalist, Chipko Movement Leader.

It is time for each one of us to wake up and see for ourselves the wrongs we are doing and/ or allowing to be done under the pretext of development.

"The movement to Save the Ganga and its "nirmal (clean)" and "aviral (uninterrupted)" flow is not just a movement to save a river. It is a movement to save India's troubled soul that is polluted and stifled by crass consumerism and greed, disconnected from its ecological and cultural foundations. If the Ganga lives, India lives. If the Ganga dies, India dies." - Vandana Shiva: Philosopher, Environmentalist, Author, Physicist

We must and everyone must take the pledge, sign the petition and help the movie bring out awareness for the world to act.

This is our movement, your movement so let us act.

Thank you.


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