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Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka. Karnataka Medical Council. Commissioner Bangalore City Police

Media reports have highlighted the shocking acts of the sale of a baby by Get Well Hospital, Neelasandra on Friday December 28th, 2012.Dr. Parveen Prakash, who runs this hospital along with her husband retired Lt. Col. Prakash, was caught red handed by the authorities for selling a child. She has been arrested along with her son Harsha on Thursday, December 27th, 2012. Dr. Parveen and Harsha have been remanded to custody for 4 days but the hospital continues to function. We are given to understand, that a criminal case has been registered, and investigation is currently underway.

In mid 2010, there was a raid at the same hospital where a baby was rescued. That raid, conducted by the Ashok Nagar Police Station with the involvement of APSA, was also videotaped and shown in the media at that time. Yet no action was taken by any of the State departments and this hospital and its owners have been functioning with impunity since then.

The sale of children amounts to nothing less than their illegal trafficking and is an extremely heinous offence. It is even worse when medical professionals indulge in such actions. However, it appears that no action has been taken in regard the functioning of the hospital, and this is shocking, as the hospital was involved in a serious and grave crime. Permitting it to continue, even risks the possibility of such crimes continuing.

1) We demand that the hospital be shut down with immediate effect, their license be revoked permanently and the notice of revocation be displayed at the hospital entrance, which should be sealed so they do not continue to function surreptitiously.

2) We demand that her medical license be revoked or, at the very least, suspended with immediate effect and a notice of this revocation be displayed at the hospital.

3) We demand that the police conduct independent and speedy investigation into the crimes committed by them and book them under the appropriate laws relating to trafficking and ensure that they are dealt with to the fullest extent of the law and be held without bail.

4) We demand that a special cell of the police be constituited to deal with such cases relating to children, where the officers are trained to be sensitive to the children and trained to be well versed with the Juvenile Justice Act.

We urge immediate action.

Please attend the gathering at Commissioner of Police's office on Infantry Road on December 31st at noon to peacefully hand over the petition to him and ask for immediate and strict action.


Sethu Ram

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