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The Endangered Species Coalition has worked for years protecting wolves. When Congress took it upon itself to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List last year, we advocated for strong state management plans and then held our breath to see what would happen.

Today, we've got serious problems for wolves across the country.

Just this month, the Alpha female of the renowned Lamar Canyon Pack was shot and killed after slipping out of Yellowstone National Park and into Wyoming—where wolves can be shot on sight in most of the state. 832F, as she was known to the researchers who studied her for years, was the 8th wolf wearing a radio collar to be killed since the hunting season began. That number has now climbed to 10.

When that Wyoming hunter pulled the trigger, he didn't just kill one wolf. He upset the structure of an entire nascent Yellowstone pack. Yellowstone should be a safety zone for wolves. Yet, Wyoming and Idaho even allow the use of recorded sounds of pups in distress to lure wolves out of the sanctuary of the park.

We are energizing wolf supporters like you to advocate for smart decisions and strong protections from wildlife managers entrusted with wolves. A few days ago Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission took an unusual step--closing wolf-hunting and trapping around Yellowstone National Park in Montana. That sent opponents of wolves into an uproar.

We need to fight back and make sure that Montana FWP stands strong, and manages wolves using the best science and ethical standards. With your help, we can get strong protections for Yellowstone wolves.

Help us protect Yellowstone wolves with a donation today. Your online contribution is 100% secure and tax-deductible.

The loss of 832F and the other radio-collared wolves were a setback. With your help, we will push back in 2013 and America's wolves will endure for the benefit of future generations. Thank you for your ongoing support of wolves and other imperiled species.


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