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Ask all my Facebook Friends to become members of our Cause A.C.T. Addiction Can be Treated

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South African road carnage is onthe increase. The traffic department set targets of a 25% reduction in Road accidents over the festive season only to have over 50% of all Road accidents being caused by drivers under the influence of Alcohol or illicit Substances. Addiction is a disease and these drivers, have caused the loss of over 1500 lives between December 1 and December 25 on South African roads totalling some 2500 deaths from road carnage over 50% of which were due to inhebriated drivers. They have a disease, those who are addicts, the others, just plain dumb, but this is sencesless killing over what should be a Festive, blessed holiday season. Please join me in becoming a member of A.C.T. - Addiction Can be Treated, and inviting your Facebook mates to join so we can through a strong membership base begin instituting actions to prevent this carnage in the future. Thanks all, Hope the remaining driving back after New Year sees a drop in Motor Accident Fatalities.

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