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The State of World Population Report suggests that In India

1. A Rape is committed every 54 minutes;
2. Molestation every 26 minutes;
3. Kidnapping or abduction every 43 minutes;
4. Eve-teasing every 51 minutes;
5. Dowry death every 1 hour 42 minutes;
6. Criminal offense against women every 7 minutes.

1.Rape is a crime not only against the body of an individual but also against one's mind, psyche and reputation.
2.The rapist can be questioned only if he is caught but the raped is questioned at every stage by every strata of the society.
3.Even if the complaint is lodged, the justice is far from being delivered.
4.In courts circumstantial evidence is highly relied upon.
5.The defense always supports the theory that the intercourse was with mutual consent.

We can't just read the facts and move on, this is not humane, until we all join hands to fight for a common cause.
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