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My head bows in shame today. The politicians have no answer to the gory crime which lead to the death of an innocent girl. It seems that they have no intentions to tighten relevant laws as I see gangrape rife even after the nation wide protest. The only promise that we can make to ourselves is to vote next election to throw an ineffective government out and replace it with someone sensible. Worse than the crime committed by those six is that the government feels afraid of its citizens. No leader has come out to pacify the people. The commissioner who should have been sacked by now is enjoying more powers to crush all who demand justice. Sheila is crying!!! What a CM who has no powers to protect her people!!!! What signal is being given out by those in power? Certainly this is one incident from which Manmohan Singh cannot extract any political mileage. Thus he is not acting. There could not have been a worse PM of a nation.
I was expasperated by Mr. Shinde's statement that "Mera ek jawan ghayal ho gaya hai". Therefore, jawans are his and not the people of this nation


Akhil Vinayak

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It is For The Safety Of Woman in India

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