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The Inquiry Commission wants your suggestions to improve women's safety, the notice is in newspapers today. Don't let the flame die. Mail your suggestions to [email protected]
Its a request to everyone to contribute on this by your valuable suggestion and spread this to your friends and relatives so that we can do something as a human
Very soon school students across the country shall have questions such as these in their syllabus:
1. Rape tatha Balaatkaar kitne prakaar ke hote hain?
2. Kin kin Balaatkaar ke maamlon mein action lena zaroori hain? Yaa phir yeh bataayein kin kin maamlon mein victim ko hi doshi maana jaaye?
3. Look at the diagram below.. given to you are 2 pictures of 2 rape victims. Kindly spot at least 5 differences between them.

RIP Damini... India stands ashamed.

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