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Support the Dignity and Respect to our Girls and Women

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Hi Friends,
So many girls, women are raped everyday across INDIA that number becomes inconsequential . Some Die , Some survive only to die every day. People say strict laws will solve the solution but I say that morality in our boys and men will serve a more meaningful and better purpose.
Why do not we take a PLEDGE that we men will not look at girls/women with a ulterior motive. We will not Eve tease and pass lewd comments. We will look upon our girls as our Sisters and women as our Mothers.
We boys will not accept dowry and will not burn our better-halves if they do not meet the family standards. That we the men will stand by their wife throughout their life.
That we the men will not discriminate among our children. That we will not encourage female foeticide and will bless our newborn girls as we bless our newborn sons.
Till the time we do not have ingrained these values in our menfolk, the brutality on women and girls will continue in one form or the other.

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