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Not stop supporting the millions of protesters or end the fight against rape culture until reforms a

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I will not spend time explaining details about the recent Delhi Bus Gang Rape incident (and this is just one of the hundreds of similar brutal offences) which enraged millions not just in the nation but throughout the world and started, almost what one may call, a revolutionary movement.

After a recent few remarks made by some "respectable individuals" of society, I think it is very necessary, not just as a woman but as a part of, what is supposed to be, nature's most sensible/superior carbon based life form, to make a few points clear.

Women do not GET raped. A lot of people have come up with the notion that women instigate men to commit such crimes. It is because of a mind set like this that such heinous criminals get away with such offences. Such people are as much at fault as the criminals themselves.
Women who blame other women, the way they behave or the clothes they wear for what they face have no respect for themselves or respect for other women. By doing this such women like to enjoy a false sense of security, in an illusion that they will never be a victim. Wake up and face reality.
Men who have this idea stored in their belief systems need a serious reality check. The world does not revolve around them. If you think women do what they do and are how they are just to impress men or get their attention, then you are sadly mistaken.  Grow up, beg , borrow or steal a spine and be a real man.

 In either case, if you have to constantly bring others down to gain a sense of false security, to justify your obnoxious acts or to feel good about your self, you are not being assertive. Instead showing symptoms of an inferiority complex.

When a 3 year old child is raped, can someone explain in what way the innocent girl might have provoked the predator? By living or by being a female child? When a bank is robbed, is the bank blamed for holding money and valuable assets which provoked the robbers?
If men cannot act like men and turn into savage wolves the moment they set their eyes on a woman, then they need to live in the woods and not in civilized society. And such women who blame other woman better join them there. Every woman has the freedom of choice , no man has the freedom of violence or the freedom to oppress someone else's freedom.

When a woman with cleavage or in a short dress is immediately called a slut/whore, why isn't a shirtless man termed a gigolo? A woman's body is not obscene, no matter what shape or size she is. And how is a fully clothed woman or man automatically assumed to be a saint? In either case, what people do with their lives is none of anyone else's business. Disrespecting women or slut shaming (in the case of both men and women) is a reflection of sheer misogyny and is a shameful crime itself. Women are not here to act in a way to appease the prejudice of others. If you think that you can dodge rejection or blame by going with the flow of the double-standards of society, just wait till it changes it's course.

The only thing that causes rape is the presence of a rapist. No one, ever, deserves to be raped or asks to get raped. And the only way to really keep yourself safe from rape is to make sure that everyone, everywhere in the world is safe from it. No exceptions.

I am proud to be a part of the millions of determined men and women, from every corner and denomination of the world, fighting day and night against these offenders and the corrupt and lackadaisical governance to bring about a change.
When silence breaks, it is time to face the music. I vote for death penalty/chemical castration for such offenders.


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