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I'd hate to have to say "That sounds like an amazing way to better
serve my community and to help create a more just and sustainable
world.... but I can't afford it." I'm hoping that you can help me
overcome a relatively low barrier which will allow me to better give
my gifts to my community and my country.

I'm honored to have been accepted to attend a highly acclaimed
training program for community organizers and world-changers in
Brooklyn in January hosted by the Center for Story-Based Strategy
(formerly smartMeme) called "RE:Imagining Change - a multi-media,
interactive curriculum combining storytelling, critical media
analysis, and narrative strategy with organizing and movement
building." This is some serious next-level training for people, like
me, who have dedicated their lives to creating change in the world
that is not motivated by profit or personal gain.

Unfortunately our current dominant economy is designed to put profit
above all else, and positive world-changing doesn't always pay in
Federal Reserve Notes. I've been organizing for years, predominately
as a volunteer activist living well below the poverty line, in order
to direct my vital life energy towards goals I truly believe in:
dismantling the old, dying systems of exploitation and supporting
resilient community-based solutions. After a rather intense tour of
duty with the Occupy Movement, I spent the last summer out in Western
Massachusetts bartering for an education in community-focused herbal
medicine. As I wait for the growing season (and paid work) to return,
I'm helping to organize a state-level organization to build support
for mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Foods. I'm also
playing a critical role in a related nation-wide coalition of state
leaders in the Safe Food Movement. (not to mention ramping up for a
gigantic #NoKXL Tar Sands demonstration at the White House on
President's Day).

None of my activism is currently paid work. This training in NYC is
targeted primarily to organizers who are salaried employees at
well-established non-profits. I know that this training will help me
bring my organizing skills to the next level and to make a greater
impact in these blossoming movements of which I am a part. I don't
feel that I should miss this opportunity for lack of funding, so
that's why I am appealing to my community and networks for support.

I need to raise at least $250 to cover the cost of the training. I'd
like to raise another $100 to cover my travel and food expenses, as
well. I've already been given $50 from a close friend, I am looking
for pledges from my friends and supporters to cover the rest of these
costs. I will be contributing
whatever money I can scrape together over the next few days with odd
jobs. (Payment is due January 4th!)

I appreciate any help you can provide!

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