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On Saturday, December 15th, legal trapping of Montana's wolves went into effect. For the very first time, Montana's wolves will be blindsided by these devices of torture---they will be lured to their death with scents, and baited traps.

One anti-trapping group, 'FOOTLOOSE MONTANA', is taking concrete and positive steps to end this misery for wolves and all of the wildlife of Montana. This takes funds. The trapper organizations, and anti-wolf organizations are putting massive donations into their war chest to make sure that FOOTLOOSE MONTANA doesn't succeed, and the wolves and all wildlife continue to fall victim to traps on public lands.

It cost a trapper 30.00 to trap a wolf in Montana --- that 30.00 equals hours, and sometimes days of torment in a trap. We all know that a trapped animal is a terrified animal; one that is also deprived of water, food, protection, and they are in excruciating pain. This all ends in a frenzy of brutality and death.

Good Wolf is asking that you consider donating to FOOTLOOSE MONTANA to support their critical efforts to defeat the trappers. Of course, any donation (no matter how small) would be appreciated---we are using the starting guideline of 30.00 (which is the same amount of money paid by the trappers to cause the misery). Again, realize that most people are under an economic strain, therefore any donation amount would be welcome and would help.

FOOTLOOSE MONTANA, of course, is a registered NON-PROFIT organization, so donations are tax-deductible.

If you can, please consider helping so that wolves can walk free in Montana, and there will be no howls of pain in the forest night.....

Many howls!


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