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Nitrogen is the worst pollutant of our oceans. In Florida's Indian River Lagoon, it is making dolphins sick by turning the water into a toxic soup every summer. A population of bottle-nosed dolphins swims their entire lives in Indian River Lagoon. The dolphin population outside the Lagoon shows less signs of stress with significantly less skin-eating fungal infections. For a number of summers more than 40 Lagoon dolphins have died when nitrogen and chlorophyll levels are highest. The most recent scientific studies found more than 50 percent of them are ill and that they live, on average, only half as long as their free-ranging kin out in the Atlantic. Toxic green algae-slime is causing fish kills, destroying sea grass beds, creating ocean dead zones, and making dolphins suffer. This is why we are asking our global community to support this local project.

The most dolphin deaths were in Martin County. The Ocean River Institute worked here with local residents and the County Commissioners to enact a county ordinance. It took seven months to make the adjustments to behaviors of lawn owners that will result in cleaner waters, less slime on beaches and healthier dolphins. With this success, we turned our attention to the other four counties around Indian River Lagoon. Chairpersons of two county commissions followed Martin County's example, were met by fierce opposition and were defeated. Your support is needed now to get dolphin-saving stewardship enacted in the other counties.

Your contribution of 10 dollars will help our campaign efforts as we recruit support and raise awareness within these communities. As hot, sunny summer days loom closer our top priority is to ensure that the remaining counties feel the nation's pressure to improve lawn fertilizer practices with responsible stewardship ordinances.

I invite you to take this opportunity to join us and together we will face ocean pollution challenges to save dolphins. Please make a $10 donation to help the Ocean River Institute today!


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