Sign the Petition to All world leaders including the EU, US, UK, India, Chinese, Canadian and all other Governments. Also leadership of the UN.

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Your action will make a difference in ending this massive crime against humanity. We invite you to sign the petition calling on International leaders to take immediate effective action to stop jihad genocide of non Islamists then consider inviting your friends to join in signing and calling for action.
We are up against the ruthless power of Big Islamist Government and Oil money, Big Islamist lobby control of global media, and Big Islamist political block vote control of international organizations. This genocide does not fit the politically correct, 'appeasement of Islamists' script of the main stream media, thus it continues to be swept under the carpet and receive virtually no coverage. That's why your action to take a courageous stand and demand action to end this genocide is so vital.

Please sign this petition calling for immediate effective action by the international community to stop this genocide of Christians, and other minority groups in Islamist countries. Consider inviting your friends to join with you in signing the petition. Together we can trigger action to stop this global jihad genocide of non Islamists.

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