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Demand an Investigation of State Police Involvement in Human Trafficking.

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Pearl Kelly-Paris, a Connecticut State Trooper, was arrested in May, 2012 and charged by the State of Connecticut with second-degree promoting prostitution and second-degree conspiracy to promote prostitution.

This is where the story becomes very secretive. After two years of absolute silence on the case, and with multiple orders from the court to keep the records of the case sealed from the public, the Connecticut State Trooper, guilty of human trafficking crimes on a wide and abusive scale, but only charged with "promoting prostitution," was sentenced to a mere two years probation.

Why were her crimes treated so lightly? What leverage did she have on State officials? We are demanding answers.

"We tried for more, but this is all they would do," explained a Connecticut State Police Spokesperson when asked about the comparatively minor charges Pearl received, especially in light of the extensive federal investigation.

Another source within the State of Connecticut told us, "Pearl was smart. She made sure she had dirt on important people in case she ever got caught." It appears she may have used that dirt to wipe her slate clean.  Unfortunately, there is a two year gap in records pertaining to Pearl's case. No court records exist between November, 2012 and her final hearing, at which she was "sentenced" to probation on October 23, 2014.

Further, much of her 35 page arrest warrant is redacted, with pertinent information deleted by someone with an interest in keeping Pearl's "dirt" buried forever.

This is why we are demanding full transparency in this case. If others within State government share in the  guilt of these human trafficking crimes, there must be accountability. If lies stay hidden in the dark corners of power, the abuse of human trafficking will continue forever. If we demand the truth, then those with the arrogance to think they can continue committing this crime will finally be brought to justice.

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