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My Dear Friends,
The utterly unfortunate, disgraceful and shameful Munikra Bus Gang-rape case has shocked the nation to an extent that we are witnessing a massive outrage and street protests. The angst is aimed at Police and Government to be more proactive in their respective jobs and provide a safe and respectful nation to the Indian women.

While this very incident is indeed shocking and most heinous in nature and therefore widely reported, we the women of India have to deal with 'assumed' lesser crimes like EVE-TEASING, MOLESTATION, STAKING, and are subjected to INDECENT LANGUAGE, MESSAGES, GESTURES, LOOKS & TOUCHES almost on a daily basis. Ask any average girl on the streets and you will be surprised to know how unsafe, insecure and disgusted she feels.

While we appreciate that the youth of the nation, is down on the streets to stand against this very dastardly act against the 23 years old girl student, I must say with a lot of apprehension and pain that we do not get the same support in our daily life from the male section of our society.

Sadly, most chose to shy away from helping a woman for various reasons known only to them. While many have become permanently indifferent, some chose to be indifferent. Some are in hurry, some are scared, and most unfortunately some passively enjoy the 'violence'! This stoops to an extent that once in a while some men even join the ongoing breach of women's modesty. I hope the recent Assam incident is still fresh to many of you whereby a complete mob robbed the modesty of a college girl in full public and media glare.

Isn't it true? How sad! You tell me - Are these men - MEN? Real Men? Are you? I sincerely hope many of you uttered 'YES' under your breath in response. Else god save us and this nation. I am sure many of you did.

While Police and Government have the unmistakable responsibility towards upholding the fundamental right of women of this the nation - a sense of security, a sense of pride in being a woman - a mother, a daughter, a sister; in our nation it will not work unless there is a 'REAL MAN' on every street, every corner, every market, every bus, every metro, every school and every office! A REAL MAN who has the will and courage to stand for a 'woman in need' -' a damsel in distress ', anytime he finds one in trouble. These REAL MEN need to outnumber the 'shame-on-a-man' kind of men and we, the women, will not need to feel insecure any moment.

In fact it will give us more courage to stand up and raise alarm when in a situation. We will know, at least one MAN will be around to help us - may be in the form of a brother, a father, a son, a friend, a co-worker or for that matter a co-citizen!

Most of the criminals-against-women will lose their strength this way. A wrong act can never outmatch a rightful act. This, to me, seems to be the only way we can feel safe. Remember, one of us can be your mother, your sister or your daughter at a different corner in the city - stranded, scared and abused!

If you are a real man - a MAN - i want you to urge you to take a pledge today that you will help us when you see any of us in trouble. You will either confront the offender, call the police or at least raise alarm to seek more help. We totally understand you alone might not be able to handle the situation. Your physical intervention is not a indicator of your being a MAN, but your intent and action definitely are.

Are you ready to take this simple pledge? Are you ready to encourage your friends to do the same? Are ypu ready to protect us?

Are you ready to be a MAN?

If so, the MEN will please like this page and be a member. You will encourage your friends to do the same. Let us know you care and that you are a MAN. Give us some confidence. The women shall pass on this message to their friends and ask them if they feel they have what it takes inside them to be a MAN. Ask them to join if they care.

Friends, pass this message. Please take the pledge. Join this page and BE A MAN!

BAM! (Be A Man)

An appeal by,
Another girl in the city!

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