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The biggest threat to orangutan populations is undoubtedly the increasing expansion of palm oil plantations. Native to West Africa, the oil palm tree produces large quantities of red fruits, which, when crushed, produce an oil that has been traditionally used as a cooking oil, in soap and as a lubricant for steam engines. Extremely versatile, as its use has grown, so has demand, and 48 million tonnes are now produced each year for the world export market (Oil World Trade Journal, 2008), with Indonesia and Malaysia accounting for 90% of this production (FOE, 2006). Today, palm oil is found in a vast array of food and consumer products, from ice cream to shampoo, peanut butter to candles. WWF estimates that 50% of all packaged supermarket products contain palm oil, and demand is now growing for its use as a ‘green’ biofuel.

"August 28, 2012
A male orangutan coveres his face after being anesthetized and falling from a tree in the Village Desa Parit Wak Dongkak, Wajok Lower district, Pontianak, Kalbar, on Monday (08/27/2012)

Rescue team members perform a number of medical aid procedures on male orangutans who were seriously injured. Males orangutans suffered burns following the citizens' efforts to evict them by burning the trees. FOTO ANTARA / Jessica Helena Wuysang"

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Via Patty Sh.:
"Horror In Indonesia

Apparently villagers in Wak, Pontianak,West Kalimantan, Indonesia, burned trees to stop orangutans raiding their land, this orangutan fell down and was badly injured. Medical team doing best to help. The article mentions that the orangutans are listed as endangered. If this makes you as mad as it makes me then you can do 2 things today to take action:

1 - BOYCOTT: Never buy any product that contains Palm Oil, Indonesia is the world's biggest supplier of Palm Oil

2 - Call the Indonesian Consulate and tell then to put an immediate stop to this criminal activity at (213) 383 - 5126
Thank you!!"

3 - Sign this petition! It will be handed over to the Indonesian Government.

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David Nordh

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How this will help

Please sign this, all I ask is for you to show compassion with our fellow beings and tell the world this is not ok. And please share.
Thanks you for your time, and heart. /David Nordh


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