Sign the Petition to The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, the United States Congress and Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner, Pedro Pierluisi

The People of Puerto Rico approved on November 6, 2012 by absolute mayority of votes that it shall not continue with the present territorial-colonial status and by a supermayority of votes that statehood should be the chosen political status to achieve its own and full sovereingty as a state of the Union.

We, the People of Puerto Rico, respectfully request to the President of the United States to support and submit to Congress the Concurrent Resolution 67 (LF-246) approved by the Puerto Rican Legislative Assembly on December 10, 2012. We need that all of you, fellow American Citizens, to be advocates of our right of self-determination as American Citizens that demand the full application of the United States Constitution as First Class Citizens with all rights and responsibilities inherent to our citizenship and in response to our cultural, scientific, political, social, military and economic contributions to our great and beloved Nation.

This Concurrent Resolution was presented by Mr. Rivera Schatz, Senate President; Mrs. Nolasco Santiago; Mr. Seilhamer Rodríguez, Mrs. Arce Ferrer; Mr. Ríos Santiago; Mrs. Padilla Alvelo; Mr. Berdiel Rivera; Mrs. Burgos Andújar; Mr. Díaz Hernández; Mrs. Fernández Rodríguez; Mr. González Velázquez, Iglesias Suárez, Martínez Santiago, Muñiz Cortés; Mrs. Peña Ramírez, Raschke Martínez; Mr. Rodríguez Martínez; Mrs. Romero Donnelly, Santiago González, Soto Villanueva; Mr. Torres Torres and Mrs. Vázquez Nieves.

The purpose and summary of this legislation is as follows, as it says in the introduction of the Concurrent Resolution of the Senate of Puerto Rico 67:

"To require the President and Congress of the United States to respond effectively and diligently, and act in accordance with the demand of the people of Puerto Rico to be finish once and for all with the current territorial status of Puerto Rico and to start the process for admitting Puerto Rico as a state of the Union as freely and democratically expressed in the plebiscite held on November 6, 2012, and for other related purposes."


Section 1.- To request the President and the Congress of the United States to respond diligently and effectively, and to act on the demand of the people of Puerto Rico, as freely and democratically expressed in the plebiscite held on November 6, 2012, to end, once and for all, its current form of territorial status and to begin the process of admission of Puerto Rico as a State of the Union, so that the U.S. citizens who reside in Puerto Rico may enjoy the same rights, benefits, and responsibilities as the citizens of the States of the Union, including the right to vote and to equal representation in Congress and vote in presidential elections, as well as the full extension to Puerto Rico of the powers reserved to the States or the people by the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Section 2.– A copy of this Concurrent Resolution shall be delivered to the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State of the United States, all Members of the 112th Congress of the United States, as well as Members-Elect of the 113th Congress of the United States, along with pertinent governmental and non-governmental organizations, human rights organizations and media outlets, among others, at the local, national and international levels.

Section 3.- This Concurrent Resolution shall be approved in Spanish and English, the official languages of Puerto Rico.

Section 4.- This Concurrent Resolution shall take effect immediately upon its approval.


Andrés Carrasquillo Merced

We urge you to support this Concurrent Resolution 67 as soon as possible because our next Legislative Assembly presided by Eduardo Bhatia in the Senate and Jaime Perelló in the House of Representatives, and also the new Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla are committed to the derogation of this important legislation, that comprises the first landmarking event in the island history that its people has chosen the termination of our territorial-colonial status and statehood as the political status alternative to seal and secure a permanent relation and definitive integration to the United States of America as a state of the Union. Fellow American Citizens: We urge you to make possible that President Obama and Congress, with their support of the supreme, legitimate and sovereign will of the People of Puerto Rico, to rush legislation to petition the admission of this 4 million American Citizens non-incorporated territory as a state of our great Nation.


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