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The Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Jagdish Shettar

Petitioning – The Chief Minister of Karnataka for setting up adequate administrative and judicial processes to ensure effective and speedy handling of gender related violence against women.

We, Nav Bharat, are a trust formed to disseminate knowledge and undertake such action as may be required to create a positive awareness amongst the general public in areas of civic responsibilities, civil liberties, political awareness, electoral duties and obligations of individual citizens towards civil society and electoral democracy in the Republic of India.

As you are aware the whole nation is today extremely concerned about our societal attitude towards women and specifically the role of the security forces, police and the law machinery towards cases involving rape, sexual violence, molestation, domestic violence, eve-teasing etc. In this context, Nav Bharat has discussed this issue with several leading public spirited individuals in Bangalore and we would like to make the following recommendations for your consideration:

1) Recruitment and training of police across the state

a. Stringent laws to ensure that the recruitment process scrutinizes individuals on their background without exception along with a clear psychometric profiling of candidates from an independent body.

b. Police staff to be confirmed into service only after they have cleared basic test on law (as applicable) – especially those which are connected with gender issues.

2) Staffing of Police station and investigation of crimes against women

a. All police stations must have women officers – and must mandatorily record any complaint on sexual violence. An FIR is to be lodged within 48 hours – and primary investigation to be done to ascertain the veracity of the complaint in that period. The station inspector has to be personally accountable for this. A written report to be handed over to the complainant by the local police even if the complaint is not found to be correct. Not doing so should result in action against the station chief - including a jail term and suspension from duty.

b. A special city level investigation team must be setup – adequately staffed and funded with equipment, technology and skills – to ensure that all such investigation is scientifically done in the best forensic practices followed worldwide. This team must be entrusted the task of investigating the complaint as soon as an FIR is filed.

3) Setting up of special courts and ensuring severe punishment for the guilty

a. A rape victim cannot wait indefinitely for a result. Hence special courts need to be setup across all districts for such cases and these must close the cases within 3 months on admission to the court. No bail should be allowed for the accused in this period. These courts must handle ALL cases of sexual intimidation including eve teasing.

b. Rape on conviction in all cases must invoke a minimum life imprisonment till death – and in case of bodily harm resulting in permanent damage to the victim – the crime must either evoke a death penalty or chemical castration.

c. Sensitizing the lower judiciary on gender issues.

4) A special grievance cell similar to NCW must be setup to address issues from victims during the course of the trial – so that any case of cover ups, delays and other mal-practices is addressed.

5) Safety on public transport

a. Make it mandatory for a bus driver to take a bus to the nearest police station if a lady passenger complains on eve teasing or some such incident.

b. Making the Municipal authorities liable to crimes which occur due to poor conditions of street lights.

c. Making the police liable for crimes which occur due to non-implementation of certain rules leading to these crimes (e.g. the ban on tinted films on cars is not implemented today in Bangalore)

d. Also all transporters records must be checked regularly.

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Nav Bharat

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