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The Government as well as Alcohol Industry

Drunk Driving and Buzzed driving is 100 percent preventable.

While some say the numbers have reduced, they haven't reduced enough.

Too many of our loved ones are being maimed and killed on our roads.

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers , Aunts Uncles, Nieces , Nephews, Cousins,

Sons and Daughters. Young and old, Female and male, rich and poor, Black,

Brown and White. In a car or on a bike, walking or running, skateboarding or skating,

sometimes just sitting on a couch. The message and the "Law" has been around for years

"Don't Drink and Drive" , yet our loved ones continue to die and have life altering injuries.

A drunk won't be charged with second degree murder or "Watson Murder" until he or she

has had an arrest been convicted and "advised " of such a law " next time if you kill.."

Those who profit from the legal drug that is killing should take on more responsibility.

We need real change, real awareness , real education. An advisement needs to come on

every bottle, every can. If the alcohol industry wants to take our money so-be-it, but they need

to stop taking our loves ones lives. It is way past time our Government see this as the tragedy it is .

Mandate "Every Bottle" come with a very visible warning as well as penal codes. "Every Bottle" come with the face of a victim, "Every Bottle" come with statistics.


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How this will help

Education, awareness and warnings need to increase to decrease the tragedies.

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