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USDA Animal Welfare, Companion Animals

This petition is a collective voice for companion animals that are being bred for profits without any federal oversight. Backyard Breeders should be controlled federally since many rural counties cannot sufficiently fund or monitor such activity. In many rural communities, education regarding animal abuse and indiscriminate breeding practices are completely absent.

We believing the following requirements should be federally monitored, controlled, and punished significantly enough to force breeders to take responsible steps toward the care, facilities, and selling of their animals:

1. Must register with the USDA Animal Welfare department, as well as registering for a federal EIN, before operating as a "licensed" breeder
2. Be required to produce documentation and a sworn affidavit regarding the appropriate size, cleanliness, and safety of their breeding facilities
3. Be required to report all profits on their federal tax returns
4. Be required to produce a recommendation from a licensed veterinarian in their area as to the breeder's history of responsible vet care for animals in their charge
5. Be limited on the number of breeding animals to no more than four (4) healthy adults and no more than one (1) litter of animals for sale at one time.
6. Impose stiff fines and even criminal charges if the safety, quality of care, and veterinarian care are not proven through photographs, updated business plan, and a federally binding statement that all regulations have been followed as is required by federal laws.
7. At least one (1) federal employee should make contact and impose a thorough interview on a yearly basis.
8. If reports are filed with the city, county or state regarding animal treatment or concerns of federal violations regulating breeders, the federal government should assist the state in a personal visit within 90 days of the complaint.

If breeders are not held to some standard of care, these animals are no better off than if they were sitting in a puppy mill, and would be far better off in a no-kill animal shelter. These animals are being used for profit; however, they are not inanimate objects. They feel pain, fear, hunger, cold, etc., as any sentient being does. Breeders must play by rules that consider the source of their income. Otherwise, these breeder animals will continue to suffer, end up in shelters or abandoned or killed once they can no longer be used to make money.


Carol Williams

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Until breeders are held to a FEDERAL standard of control, they will continue to use animals for profits without providing them with proper housing, food, medical care, or human interaction.

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