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The National Canine Cancer Foundation made great strides this year completing funding on multiple grants and continuing to raise awareness that 1 in 3 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer. We couldn't do it without your support - Together, We Are The Cure.

As the year wraps up and you consider making those all too important decisions on where to place your personal or business contributions for 2012 tax deductions, please consider the work of the National Canine Cancer Foundation. YOUR tax deductible donation allows us to continue to fund ground breaking grants, with research that benefits people as well.

If your contribution of cash or property is greater than $250, documentation and verification will be provided by the NCCF for Tax filing purposes. Credit Card Donations made before 12/31/12 can be claimed in 2012, even though paid in 2013. If you choose to donate stocks or mutual funds, instead of cash, you can potentially create a win-win situation for you and the NCCF.
If you have questions - please email cpike@wearethecure.org

Thank you for your consideration, looking forward to a record breaking 2013 - Together, We Are The Cure!


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