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Shelly Skalicky is determined to survive, and stand up for everyone's rights to accurate medical records "DEVOID OF INTENTIONAL FALSIFYING" WONT YOU HELP END THIS PRACTICE? FOR THE THIRD TIME IN THREE YEARS! CASE# 2010 / 0282
is currently before the Medical Board involves blatant conspiracy in falsifying of patient medical records to cover-up WRONG SURGERY WAS DONE, causing catastrophic injury.

 Shelly Skalicky has a three inch implant in her neck running from her brain stem down her spinal cord canal that has been there for twenty three years. Because Shelly suffered the WRONG SURGERY in 2008, no one dare admit it there, it will prove her 2008 medical records are falsified. This case was reviewed back in 2010 and the NCMB let all four doctors off without so much as a slap on the wrist. We re-submitted it for re-review Nov 2012. We have no reason to think they will overturn their 2010 findings leaving Shelly with an implant touching her brain that no one can admit is there. Please have everyone you can sigh this petition before Jan 30 2013 when they are expected to close Shelly's case. Never has a friend or a stranger's signature been so important to a single person's future health care and life. NORTH CAROLINA MEDICAL BOARD MUST NOT PERMIT DOCTORS AND/OR HOSPITALS TO FALSIFY MEDICAL RECORDS TO COVER UP ERRORS JUST TO INCREASE HOSPITAL PROFITS. Teaching falsifying medical records in Medical Universities as part of "standard of care" can not be permitted by simply doing nothing. Anyone with knowledge of falsifying a patient's medical records to conceal error and stays silent is culpable by very silence. This includes other practitioners, the NCMB and Duke University Hospital authorities.


Danny Long

 IF YOU CAN SEE THIS THREE INCH IMPLANT, YOU HAVE BETTER EYESIGHT THAN THE BEST RADIOLOGIST AND NEUROSURGEONS DUKE UNIVERSITY HAVE. This is what Duke is trying to pretend does not exist because it proves they did the wrong surgery, and falsified my records to cover up doing the wrong surgery.  Medical Board supports falsifying patient records.

The North Carolina Medical Board's contempt for human life could only be explained by money.


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