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Last week councillors and council officers were summonsed to a public meeting in the inner city of Southampton.

Newtown Youth Centre was absolutely crammed with 200 overwhelmingly young people who use the centre and the adventure playground (also facing the axe).

Youth workers, community leaders, parents and young people are angry and bewildered at a proposal to close down all youth services in the area.

There is a general feeling that the inner city is being disproportionately affected by the threatened closures.

Unbelievably, councillor Simon Letts (Cabinet member for Resources) publicly referred to the facilities as being "good to have", though not essential!

Bevois, the ward in which the facilities are located, is in the bottom 15% bracket of deprived communities and both the youth centre and adventure playground work with and support young people from over 35 different nationalities, offering a range of activities and opportunities.

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