Sign the Petition to To the Government of All Nations and All Who Have the Power and Resources Needed to Make This Our Reality


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This Petition is not one to be taken likely. By signing it, you agree that you have watched the attached video. By signing it, you send out a message to the world shouting out: "I am alive! I know that the way we currently live is corrupt in it's very foundation! I know that change is desperately needed and I will ask myself what I can do to aid in this change! I know that together we are a global family pretending to be seperated from one another! I know that WE must get together as one! The time is NOW! And I will share this message with those that are dear to me, they too can help in the change!"

And finally: "I love the Earth! Every tree and every rock! I love my fellow brothers and sisters of the world! And I know that together we are strong! Together we can stand up and shout out for what we KNOW is true!"

This Petition has been created at the end of 2012, this is no accident. There are none! Let us look ahead in 2013 and make the changes needed to create Heaven on Earth NOW!

Know that whenever a system falls to the ground, there will always be a NEW system to take it's place. There is nothing to fear. Fear is an illusion! The broken system we see around us has had the very juice squeezed out of it. It has nothing left to offer us! Realize that you are the creator of your own FREEDOM! And take your place among the new people of the Earth. People that love one another, aid one another and finally, people that join together to be Lighthouses for all to see!

Hear this message and let it ring in your mind. You are FREE and you are divinely loved! Wholeness and balance to all that is.

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