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YOUR COMMENTS ARE VITALLY NEEDED. Almost a year ago, my neighbors Great Dane Dogs killed my two female teacup Yorkies. It has been a nightmare court battle. Although the State prosecuted the vicious dog owner she took a plea bargain to serve no Jail time reserving RESTITUTION, to replace my two pregnant Yorkies, the lost sale of their pups and property damage.

A Quality puppy price of 2500.00 each, plus shipping was figured. Additionally was LOST INCOME for FUTURE puppy sales and to repair my damaged fence where the Defendant's dogs broke through to viciously attack us. I did not include my own medical expenses at the time, as it was too soon in the court process.

The Judge awarded full Restitution to be paid and I was ready to to move on. Now there is an appeal in the works. I desperately need breeders to Petition the court to NOT reduce the Restitution just because this criminal is crying she cannot afford to pay Restitution.

Again I will be going back to court to fight, but I do not have any rights as a victim. It is a State prosecution of a criminal case and being "only" a victim it is unjust that only the Perpetrator of this crime gets all the consideration. The defendant stood outside the courthouse and screamed at me that I better get ready for a fight because Yorkies don't shit gold.

I know it is almost impossible to buy such a Dog, but the Judge needs to know, his first Restitution Award was fair and that I could have asked for a lot more. Hopefully this information will serve to get this appeal denied by the Judge.

If you know other breeders, Yorkie owners, or small pure bred dog owner; please pass this on and ask them to respond too. Even if they breed similar small breed dogs, I need to walk into court with more proof that my Yorkies were not just mutts. They were like family, If you do not want to use your name or name of your kennel please let me know & I will respect your privacy.

Thank you in advance.

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