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Many thanks and joyous HOWLZ from all of us at Full Moon Farm!

We are so happy to report we are fully funded, and looking forward to the 2 new habitats being constructed and 2 being rebuilt.  We have started one new habitat with materials on hand, picture attached.  Take off's for shelters are being completed, and we hope to include some 'vertical enrichment' in the enclosures.

Local Charter School students will be coming out on MLK Day to work on land clearing for one habitat in the woods! 

We are hoping to have students from Warren Wilson College assist with this project, and will know more after our meeting on the 26th of this month.  Fence building weekends will commence in February, weather permitting.  Wagner Tree Experts will be donating labor for tree felling and pruning to assist us with this project too!

In gratitude,

All of us at Full Moon Farm 


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