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Marketing has a huge psychological impact on children, it is child abuse. It keeps children naive, tells them what they should get and what they shouldn't get. It suppresses the child's creativity through using toys instead of using their imagination, it even teaches the child how to act by making them conform to people who these children would see as teenage roll models. For example, a slutty doll. Making these children conform all the time will turn them into conformists, they will never be themselves. You will get children who conforms to different characters in the entertainment media which marketers will depict those characters with certain products in advertisements, which children would really want.

All children are born with a high level of curiosity, which gives rise to knowledge and intelligence, but the media and marketers higher the level of a child wanting and playing, which lowers the level of a child's curiosity.

Corporations > Marketers > Media > Children > Society

What happens to children, they will do to society. If these keeps going on, we will have a new generation of materialistic, conformist, ignorant and stupid sheep.

Many marketers are aware of this, but they don't care about these children, or about humanity. They only care about money.

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