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Write senators of my state to keep kids from having to be prisioners in thier schools and homes.

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It is sad when we think we have to get guards for the kids, turn their schools into prisons just so some in society can have the right to do as they please breaking our laws or refuse treatment that leads to them harming others. We need more good help for those with psychiatric issues. Better follow up care that is cheap enough for those in need to afford it. We also need tougher sentences for predators! When you rob a bank and get more time than you get for harming a child, that is a bad reflection of our society! Our kids are more precious than anything else there is to "protect".

Instead of jumping up and saying gun control - the bad guys get the guns anyway and jailing our kids in schools with guards, schools that are practically jails and just plain ignorance of what our real issues are. We need to unite and focus on getting help for the kids who are bullied, for getting funds to treat the psychically ill in need of better treatment and care. We need to toughen sentences for predators.

Timothy McVeigh only needed a van and household products to destroy lives. No amount of school fortification, security guards nor metal detectors will protect our kids if we don't smarten up and put them first. Politicians say, we need to tighten gun control - those responsible for killing our kids generally are not the ones purchasing them to begin with. They say lets toughen security at already money strapped schools will end it and it will not. Lets address the real issues that are affecting our kids and their lives.

True No Tolerance for Bullies in School
Good Psychiatric Care and follow up for those with issues that pose a danger to society
Predators going away for life

Those three things will lower the likely hood to children dying for our ignorance and refusing to address the real issues. . .

Texas Senator - Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-4304
202-224-0776 (FAX)
202-224-5903 (TDD)

NC Senator -

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