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Because too many people are forced out of work and forced to become homeless. People think that homelessness is a Disease! When in fact that sometimes it is Corporate Greed that has caused this! We need to raise an awareness that speaks up for the Single parent being laid off from work. We need to raise awareness for the one's who have been at their job for many years and lose it just because the corporation needs to save money and hire for lesser wages. We need a better compensation plan in place and we need to be able to Voice Our opinions as an Employee! We need to stop this Corporate Greed! Start giving back to the community and offering better jobs, offering a way out! So I started a network site that would help others who are in direct sales, crafts and marketing to offer a small way out. I would really love if people would check that out too. To get in touch with me about this Network send me a private message through this cause! Thank You and hope that you will stand up for this Cause and reach out to end the Greed of our Corporate America! Give Back! And Post your Job!

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