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President Barack Obama, Corporations, Employers

We need to stop Corporate Greed. The only way we can do that is to stand together. I am a single mom, struggling to even get child support- I had recently found out due to hard economic times the corporation that I worked for is outsourcing work to save money! I think that there needs to be better incentives for health care, nursing homes, elderly care so people can keep their jobs rather than outsourcing to save money. Better incentives so employees can keep their holiday pay rather than cutting them to save money. It makes for poor quality care in our Health Care systems and the parents, grand parents, disabled, the people living in these facilities are the one's also suffer. I want to raise awareness and put more incentives in these jobs. Stop making cuts where they are needed and look at the Government spending in a different way! Too many people are losing their jobs, too many elderly are not getting the proper care they need and this can lead to depression and loneliness in elderly when they feel that they are not being taken care of. I want you The Corporation to stand up for your Employees! i want you The Government to do something about this! I want you the Employer to post your thoughts! Your Job availabilities to those who are laid off from work! I want you to sign this petition and together we can make a difference! Stop forcing out the old and bringing in new at lesser wages to save money! Stop forcing single parents out of a job to save a dollar! Stop and look around- Who is it that can truly make a difference at your facility, job, employment agency? Who is that can put order back? It is the Employees- The Care takers- The staff- These are the individuals you have working for you that can make a difference with Team Work! With better planning! With different types of budget cuts! Not laying off individuals and replacing them with outsourced work! Not giving a letter of good intent to keep them but having to let them go because of economic times. There are better ways and I want to create those here. Please when you sign the petition comment with your Job offer, your plan, your insight, your prayers!


Maria Fuller

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Because too many people are forced out of work and forced to become homeless. People think that homelessness is a Disease! When in fact that sometimes it is Corporate Greed that has caused this!...

Because too many people are forced out of work and forced to become homeless. People think that homelessness is a Disease! When in fact that sometimes it is Corporate Greed that has caused this! We need to raise an awareness that speaks up for the Single parent being laid off from work. We need to raise awareness for the one's who have been at their job for many years and lose it just because the corporation needs to save money and hire for lesser wages. We need a better compensation plan in place and we need to be able to Voice Our opinions as an Employee! We need to stop this Corporate Greed! Start giving back to the community and offering better jobs, offering a way out! So I started a network site that would help others who are in direct sales, crafts and marketing to offer a small way out. I would really love if people would check that out too. To get in touch with me about this Network send me a private message through this cause! Thank You and hope that you will stand up for this Cause and reach out to end the Greed of our Corporate America! Give Back! And Post your Job!

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