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Judge- James Baker , City Attorney- Linda Lynch, City of Rosenberg Animal Control

We the undersigned request that you let SAM the 2 year old Black Labrador who is owned by - Nydea Lerma - live. Let him return safely to his loving family as soon as possible.


Jessy Setano

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Background info via his FACEBOOK PAGE>>


Background info via his FACEBOOK PAGE>>


** Police came on the property to serve warrant. One officer was at the door, the other was banging on the window. Owner opened door and Sam pushed past her and ran over to the cop banging on the window. Cop claims the dog lunged at him, owner states that the dog just ran towards him barking. Cop proceeded to shoot the dog, the dog was grazed on the chin. Animal control stated that they were taking the dog to treat him, but in reality they took the dog and he is now being looked at as being deemed dangerous and being killed. This case is in Rosenberg, TX. **

Hi my name is Nydea Lerma and I am the owner of a 2 year old black lab. We reside in Rosenberg, TX. On Nov. 17 the Rosenberg PD came on my property to serve a warrant for a Aniamal at large citation that was unpaid, after the police unneccesiarly banged on the house from the front door to the bathroom to the front bedroom in a total of a couple minutes. At the time all this came about i was bathing my 2 small children. Sam my lab was threatened, they never stated they were the police has they were banging. I then peaked out the door and saw it was the PD. I then pulled Sam back and started to step out, he then pushed me out the way and ran out. As I ran after him, Sam ran past the first officer around the front of home to the officer that was banging on the front window and started to bark. The officer then pulled out his gun and shot Sam. Sam then ran away and back to me. He was grazed on his chin with the bullet. Sam never attacked, bite or killed anyone!!!! He was simply being a dog and doing what dogs do, protecting their family. What dog wouldn't? He was provoked! He was then seized by Rosenberg Animal Control. I went to court on Nov.20,2012 for vicious animal charge in which the were trying to convince me to sign over the dog and he would be euthanized. I made it very clear I was not going to do that. The prosecutor was pretty much threatning me saying if you take this to trial this is up to a 2000 dollar fine and you are going to have to pay 30 dollars a day and blah blah blah, like she was trying to convince me just to put him down. I told her no I would like to take this trial! My dog is not a vicious dog!!! We then set the court date for Dec. 13, 2012. I went to and during the whole trial the main focus was him being at large! The past offenses!!! The case the city was trying me for was not for animal at large but for a vicious animal!!! I have paid the fines on the past violation!!!! The neighbors were even called as witnesses in which their main concern was him being loose!!!!!!!! Yes, my dog has gotten out and I have paid those fines but he is not vicious!!!!!!! He does not deserve to die because of that. He has never ever bit anyone or attacked anyone.
And he does not deserve to die!!! He is our family dog!! I am a single mother and Sam is our protection.
All we want is our dog back. We love Sam. He is a good dog and doesn't deserve to die... Sam has 10 days until they euthanize him. We just want our Sammy Boy back! My girls and I miss him dearly!!!! If anyone can help we would really really appreciate anything!!!!!
Nydea Lerma
Rosenberg, TX


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