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Take two small steps to assure Congressman Raul Grijalva is appointed the next Secretary of the Inte

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President Obama is positioning to replace Ken Salazar (yay!), with another person for the job of Secretary of the Interior----we can't afford to have another anti-wolf person in such a powerful position!

Therefore, please do two little things---first, sign this petition to encourage the President to appoint (wildlife-friendly) Congressman Raul Grijalva -- AND then take one further step to assure that the President sees your request---
Go to the White House contact page link, below, fill out form and urge President Obama to appoint Congressman Raul Grijalva to replace Ken Salazar, citing that the ecology nor the wildlife can afford another four years of a ranching sympathizer and trophy hunting proponent! It is not what the majority of Americans want......THANK YOU FOR TAKING THESE TWO STEPS TO HELP THE WOLVES, THE HORSES, THE BURROS, AND ALL is the link:


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