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In order to make rapid and worthwhile change to an archaic thought process when it comes to regulating guns please support the following plan. There are 20 points - one for each child slaughtered in Sandy Hook Elementary School.


Let’s begin by shutting down the 2nd hand market on guns and the “private sales loophole”.

1. Once owned and registered, a gun is only transferable thru a title exchange - much like a car.
2. if a gun is “lost” it must be reported within 96 hours.
3. if a gun is “stolen” it must be reported within 24 hours.
4. If any crime is committed with a “stolen” or “lost” gun that was not reported per the new regulations, then the gun owner on file will be charged with being “a party to the crime”.
5. All guns must be registered and titled through the state, local, or national ATF department.
6. Certain gun businesses in good standing who do not have an ATF department within 50 miles can file to become signatories from the ATF.
7. We need 100% background checks on every person and a 72 hour wait limit after the background check is complete on all gun purchases to limit crimes of passion.

Now, let’s tackle criminality, mental illness, and mass shootings.

8. If somebody is suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental illness then they must get psychiatric treatment and be cleared of their illness before filing for gun registration.
9. If a person is arrested or cited for driving under the influence, then their gun must be turned in until they have completed the required treatment.
10. If the gun applicant resides with another person who suffers from mental illness - then said applicant must file a special and unique gun license, requiring them to keep gun locks on all firearms.
11. There should be a complete blackout on purchasing guns and ammo online
12. The ATF will enforce all regulations and registrations at any public gun shows.
13. If somebody wants to purchase more than a hundred rounds of ammo - another more current background check will be administered and again, at the least, a 72 hour wait or until the background check is complete.
14. A ban on high capacity magazines.
15. A ban on hollow point bullets or armor piercing bullets also known as “cop killers”.
16. All guns will be micro stamped just like car is stamped with a VIN number in multiple spots. The micro stamp will lead the law officer to the licensed gun user and this will begin the process in the case of a gun crime.
17. All bullets will be micro stamped by the gun’s hammer in order to register which gun they were fired from.
18. All semiautomatic weapons must be re-registered every 5 years to ensure that they have not been tampered with and/or resold on the 2nd hand market.

Now, let’s move into what law enforcement reactions should be.

19. Let’s first start by reinstating an ATF Director (after 6 years of not having one).
20. If there is any gun on the street that is found in the possession of a person, whereby these rules were not followed - the gun will be confiscated and destroyed immediately. Guns are a type of technology that can continue to be used hundreds of years after their creation.

None of these suggestions impede on the 2nd amendment. And all of these suggestions can be followed by military and police agencies around the nation as well as civilians who want to use their firearm for protection, recreation, or hunting. All of these amendments ensure that the proper people who follow rules and are of sane mind can own firearms and use them effectively. Yet, all of these restrictions deter criminals from getting illegal guns and using them in crime, including mass shootings.


Amar Kaleka

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How this will help

The frequency of mass shootings in this nation has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, crime in our communities continues to claim a shocking number of lives. The United States has 9000 gun murders per year...

The frequency of mass shootings in this nation has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, crime in our communities continues to claim a shocking number of lives. The United States has 9000 gun murders per year on average. The highest in the developed world. The second highest country, Germany, averages at 250. And yet because of political sensitivity and gun lobbies, our leaders are afraid to consider REASONABLE MEASURES to regulate illegal gun sales and keep our communities and children safe.

If you believe in this, spread it like wildfire. Use petitions, phone calls, rallies, social media, and your social circle to rattle the halls of Washington and your local government. Do not stop until your voices are heard and swift action is taken. The power of the many has solved countless issues before. Now, is the time to unite on another front - gun violence.

As stated by many before me - "Today we grieve, Tomorrow we organize."


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