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The frequency of mass shootings in this nation has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, crime in our communities continues to claim a shocking number of lives. The United States has 9000 gun murders per year on average. The highest in the developed world. The second highest country, Germany, averages at 250. And yet because of political sensitivity and gun lobbies, our leaders are afraid to consider REASONABLE MEASURES to regulate illegal gun sales and keep our communities and children safe.

If you believe in this, spread it like wildfire. Use petitions, phone calls, rallies, social media, and your social circle to rattle the halls of Washington and your local government. Do not stop until your voices are heard and swift action is taken. The power of the many has solved countless issues before. Now, is the time to unite on another front - gun violence.

As stated by many before me - "Today we grieve, Tomorrow we organize."


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