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Save minimum of 10 watts of electricity every day

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How this will help

We talk about our environmental concern for hours, we do write essay and instruct others to save electricity. We are well educated[No doubt]. What we need is NOT AWARENESS [we all are well aware about the stuffs, we know what cause it, how it happen and how to tackle it]. All what we need is ACTION, huh! same old words right, but friends I am not wrong, all what we lacking is action. Can we blame it as illiteracy? or ignorance? No it just laziness. Sure we do have time to think about this but are we conscious about that?

You know, every watt counts. each watt of electricity we save adds the duration of the life of fossil fuels [you got that i know]

Join me to save 10 watts a day and make it as a habit 'SAVE ENERGY'

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