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Common sense seems to be vanishing lately and people are making knee jerk foolish decisions based on emotion and not intellect. Tragedies cause the average person to sometimes lose sight of reality and that could lead to trouble or down the wrong path:

I pledge to help my fellow citizen to wake up to some fundamental facts:

WE cannot control OTHER PEOPLES intentions. If a person wants to do something bad enough they will find a way. You cannot legislate INTENTIONS. You cannot be PROTECTED from other's INTENTIONS.

We do not need to turn over control of our schools to any government agency in order to feel safe.

There are many forms of weapons out there not just guns. Taking one away won't stop the criminal's intentions.

Bad PEOPLE do BAD things. GOOD people are scared of BAD people.
Fear is BAD. Governments that use FEAR as policy are BAD.
The feeling of safety does not mean you are safe.

Freedom is GOOD. People who live in freedom are happy.
Prisons are BAD. People in prison are sad and want to be free.
Schools are not prisons - they are places to learn thigs like FREEDOM.
Putting armed federal (national guards) forces in public schools is a bad idea. That turns them into local mini prisons. Schools that get turned into local mini prisons can be LOCKED DOWN at any time. That means armed men now control your children's lives. Men armed with the very guns that people are trying to ban you from having. This is a BAD idea.

The government does not need to raise my kids. I do.
I want to take back my parenting skills along with the new knowledge that:

If someone wants to commit a crime- the government cannot stop them.
The authorities only help AFTER the crime is committed.

NO ONE is 100% SAFE. EVER.

That's called LIFE.



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