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Dear Mr. Harper

Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Native Canada has been denied every single Human Right by
your Government Politics.

Native People suffer with culture shock, language loss, fish food loss, water contamination, toxic drinking water, housing crisis, health care crisis, suicides, poverty, homelessness, resource losses, environmental crisis, while corporations, industries, Provincial and Federal Government continue to steal lands and resources leaving our communities and territories in absolute poverty and crisis; are you listening Harper - you have Breached every single legal agreement with First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous Canada to sustain your Ego and Campaign around the World on our Dime.

First Nations People have tolerated you, we have been patient with you, and we have shown you respect, but it’s over now because you have an illness called delusions of grandeur and broken ears.

Harper you can't use resources and lands no more, because you broke the agreement with Indigenous Canada! You have committed crimes against humanity against the Indigenous Peoples!

In respect for Chief Spence we campaign for Indigenous Human Rights and we ask the World to come to our Aid and Help the Indigenous People of North America to end the Cruelty, Neglect, and Discrimination by the Federal Government of Canada.

Time to end the De-population Policies and Legislative Acts stream-lined by the Federal Government specifically to eradicate the Indigenous Peoples of Canada at each generation.

Idle No More...we are praying, singing, drumming for our Sister Chief Spence on Victoria Island who is on a Hunger Strike for Native Canada because of the on-going failure of Harper Government to comply with his own agreements with Indigenous Canada. The laws, policies, legislation and treatment of Indigenous Canada keeps changing permitting on-going theft of lands and resources from Indigenous Canada and you call it Democracy. It is not democracy! Its land and resource theft!

Chief Spence is making her stand for Indigenous Peoples on these Great Lands; our Native Women are Sacred and we support her 100% across Canada because she is a Life-Giver. Spirituality and Water are Connected to Women, Water is Life, Women are Life-Givers.

She quietly takes her stand against Harper with humility, without words and the rest of the Indigenous Population will rise for her and pray, sing, walk, drum, campaign because she is a Life-Giver. Chief Spence is Connected to Mother Earth which you fail to understand because you are blinded by Greed. All living things on Mother Earth are inter-connected.

May the Creator give Chief Spence Victory!!

If you do NOT respond Harper you will forever be remembered that way!

She walks with humility with Indigenous Canada behind her.

"Land and natural resources continue to be reaped by the federal and
provincial governments through taxation of corporate resource
companies with little compensation to First Nations for use of our
traditional territories," Spence wrote.

We are idle no more...

Huy Ch Qu
Sharon Lewis
Federation of Indigenous Women Canada


Sharon Jimmy-Swustesia

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