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Respected S. Man Mohan Singh, Prime Minister of india,

Dear Sardar Sahib,

We, the law abiding citizen of Delhi, the Capital City of India having gone through the trauma of detrioting law & order situation of capital from many years, want to make this petition before you ,with the aim of getting proper action from you being very respected administrator in the world leaders being spotless truthful & action oriented person.

In recent times we are facing many law & order problems including grue-sum gang rape, looting, murders, killing by shootings as well as by rash driving,thefts as well as land grabbing. These are such crimes which can be controlled by strong willed dedicated police force, bossed by local elected public representatives.

Respected Sardar Sahib,

You know, at present Delhi Police is being controlled by Home Minister, of India and the police administration has not only look after Delhi citizens but have to control V.I.P. movements, protest marches,demonstrations made in Delhi by all so called political n social-religious groups, visit of international leaders as well as postings in I.B, , C.B.I. & other center controlled economic offence organisations.

You well know that any person or organisation is answerable only before the boss. Any Police Officer is not answerable to our elected representatives. Why he will bother for us when we have no control upon him. This is an other cause , why Delhi citizen have no faith on present law & order control system.

We feel citizens are loosing faith upon police and in recent mis-happenings they will be loosing faith upon political set up and political bosses. All their good work done and your best economical policies which got praise from world leaders will have no effects and other groups are exploiting the situation and en-cashing peoples anger due single fault.

We, the concerned citizens feel that this is the right time to take bold step,and grant Delhi Administration control of police department or allow us Delhi citizens right to have our own force for internal crime control.

We will be grateful to you,

we are,


Jasbir Singh Sital

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How this will help

Citizen and our supporters should sign this for getting the crime free capital. it is long pending demand.


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