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Gun violence is a public health issue. We encourage mobilization of the Public Health Service and the Center for Disease Control to examine the causes of outbreaks and propose possible treatments based upon the accumulated wisdom of medical science and community health practice.


Geof Bar-David Siddharthahimsananda

PROBLEM: Tne nation is shocked and demanding action.

Crackdowns by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms have in the past been disastrous.

Control laws are likely to provoke defensive reactions and a cycle of counterproductive resistance.

PROPOSAL: Problems can be avoided with a shift to a win-win approach using a public health approach. This entails

* non-violent communication strategies,

*negotiation skills to achieve a consensus

* with buy-in from different stakeholders.

* a bottom-up built peace where everyone is respected whether they come from a rural hunting background or a dense urban environment with more restrictive customs

The National Institute of Health is a global leader in the battle against heart disease, cancer and a variety of ills. It has achieved great successes in the past and it will in the future. It is a great brain trust which should be engaged to address gun violence.

All Americans are urged to pull together and encourage government officials to engage the expertise available at the National Institute of Health and other affiliates of HHS.

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