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How this will help

Before you read this, please watch Bronte's video above.

Bronte means to collect 1,000 letters, emails, cards and drawings - whatever, from anyone, any age (and particularly from older children and teens) to add to her own, which she fully intends to deliver to The White House. If you want to tell President Obama how you feel about reducing gun violence, please write a letter and send it to Bronte.

Scanned (or photographed) handwritten letters and emails are gratefully accepted at [email protected]

Who is Bronte?

Bronte is no stranger to helping children in need. She was nominated for the 2012 International Children's Peace Prize for her efforts collecting 5,200 soft toys for children displaced by Typhoon Sendong in The Philippines (hundreds of which she delivered in person to kids living in tent cities).

Last month, she collected more than 1,000 children's books to build the reading rooms of facilities in Los Angeles caring for homeless children.  300 of these were also sent to support re-stocking of libraries lost to Sandy. 

Thanks for pledging and sharing to help Bronte make it to the White House. PS - where Bronte mentions 'the guns', she is not intending it to mean every gun in the country (I hope she doesn't know what 'assault weapon' means - and daren't try to explain 'ammunition magazine')


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