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Help and support Cindy in caring for and feeding outdoor animals.

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How this will help

One of many who need food, shelter, love........

Hi Friends,

Animal shelters are over crowded and under funded. That's why I've committed myself to these cats inherited from my neighborhood. Back in June 2012, a mother cat had five kittens in a garage three doors over from where I live. I've paid for them to be spayed/neutered through a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program. I've been feeding them and bought houses for them to have protection from the elements and other animals.

I'm dedicated to giving them a fair chance in life. There are several strays in addition to these cuties I care for as well. Any help and support you can give on an ongoing basis to help me continually feed and care for these dozen or so outdoor cats would be greatly helpful and appreciated. Any donations/contributions: mainly food, bedding, blankets etc.......are welcome. Inquiries can contact me on Facebook or email me at: [email protected]~~~

God Bless You All in each and every wonderful way!!:)~~~Thank You!!:)~~~Cindy O.

Please, frequently support your local, state and national animal shelters~~~Volunteer, ADOPT and/or Foster a Precious Pet today!!:)~~~Animals help heal!!:)~~~Love a pet today and everyday!!
You'll be glad you did. :)~~~

Just $1.00 can go a long way. Monetary donations can be made through by emailing: [email protected]


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