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Dear Friends of DAA ,
We have a dream... A dream that one day we can 'go back to zero'. A dream to create a future without new HIV infections.
To do this, you know that Designers against AIDS will fight until the end. That's why we decided to organize our first international workshop: in May and April 2013 we will be holding workshops for the hospitality industry in Bali (Indonesia), a region where HIV infections are rising at an alarming rate.
We can't do it alone, so we would be eternally grateful for your help. For this reason we've started our very first crowd funding campaign at Start Some Good, where you can support us by donating a minimum of
5 US$ :

All you need to do is register yourself on their website, make sure you have a working Paypal account and put in your pledge. The money will only be taken from your account once our campaign reaches its tipping point of 20.000 US$, so we'd be very happy if you could share this message with your own network. Christmas is a time of giving and love, we hope you carry love for our work in your heart and that you will support us. In return we promise to keep you updated and that as long as HIV is on the rise, we will never shut up about it.

Thank you for your support and kindest regards,

Ninette and Team DAA

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