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Fight for Innocent Investors being killed financially by Manipulative Business Channels without be

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How this will help

In order for our national economy to succeed and prosper, the financial markets has a greater role to play and that requires well-informed & educated investors.On the guise of educating & informing the investors , there are business channels who are misguiding them.

News channels especially business channels maneuvered to tell lies constantly without any check and balance. Credibility of news media not just in India, but around the world, where there is democracy is at stake. These days democracy has been considered as all about tell lies constantly and give freedom on peace meal basis or at a premium.

Because of no such strict regulation many of the business channels has been fooling the investors . Such corrupt business channels misleading and misinforming millions of investors. Putting a disclaimer clause has given them an escape route. Their flagrant disregard for providing fair-and-balanced reporting demonstrates that they have become a clear and present danger to our financial markets and national economy. In any other industry, such malpractice and deception would not go unpunished.

In these present circumstances , what is the solution?

To my view we can End this Media Corruption through Boycotts as I feel that their treachery should not be rewarded. Because the corrupt business media are morally bankrupt, they should be made financially bankrupt as well. Atleast those business houses who believe in fair play should stop giving advertisements to such channels.

Secondly, we should build Communities of Interest- Investing public to come together

Think of this as "community organizing".

Establish a moderated blog or discussion forum focused on each corrupt business channel . It is essential that members of those communities work together to share information and strategies, Listen to all the shits they are reporting and share on your Facebook pages. Use whatever lawful means you can think of. Join efforts with others. This must be a cooperative endeavour.

I would request all my friends who are reading it to think over it and react by creating an on-line boycott community.

We, investors & traders all are being looted daily with their misreporting . The most interesting thing is that we all know this and not doing anything. "we are the ones we've been waiting for." It's time to stop waiting and start doing. Let's unite together to unfold the true face of corrupt business channels.

Let's begin now.



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