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The 6 young adults who performed the monstrous act in a moving school bus in our national capital of Delhi can’t be in a state of good mental health. Their understanding about the ‘masculinity’ may be inherited from the society and the family which they belong to i.e. from ours. They are absolutely mentally ill, therefore they performed this rare of the rarest rape attempt on an innocent girl and ruined her whole life and spoiled her soul as well.

I personally also want that they should be ‘hanged till death’ or the parliament should amend the IPC to make them impotent! But, on the other hand, being an adult, I also think about the causes of such incidences and acid attacks against women in our so called educated and developed society. Our duty as an informed citizen of India does not ends at only condemning the accused or joining the candle march to support the victim. However, its good to support the victim and condemn the accused because we can at least do this if we can’t actually help the girl and can’t personally punish these 6 monsters. Let’s stand out and think how we can reduce such inhuman instances in our society!

After the brainstorming for last couple of days, I personally reached a consensus that we as the citizens of India should demand the national and state governments to not to listen the religious hardcore elements to start the life skills educations for the future adults of our nations.

I think now we will have to teach the meanings of "masculinity' and ‘sexuality’ to the young people (especially males) of our society to inherit gender equitable norms in their exclusive sexual and risk owning behaviours. Also they need to be educated about positive life styles and how to say `NO’ to negative peer pressures.

This is the time to think that till how long we will say that gender and sexual education is not needed in our society, instead it is the time when we should actually start assessing the situation and understand that the occurrence of such incidences with our daughters and sisters are highly prevalent in today’s world. The widespread meanings of sexuality among young people are harmful for the innocents and also to the established/claimed Indian societal norms.

Apart from campaigning for capital punishment for those who perform the rape against an innocent human being, we should also convince the government to look after the mental health status of young people. Government should essentially include the sexual and gender education at elementary education level to help the adolescents in growing up with a better mental health status to become healthy future adult and parents. This kind of upbringing will help them in building a bright future. Also they will be able to positively contribute towards the growth of their family, community, society and nation as a whole.

The curriculum should also address the risky behaviours, substance abuse, sports and career counselling etc as integral components of this essential moral education mission.

Many operations researches have already been undertaken in India for coaching boys into men by renowned researchers and scholars of our country. It is evident that the target groups of young men remarkably imparted positive sexual behaviours and empathy for opposite sex through education about gender during these programs. Incorporating such educative and behaviour change communication programs with our formal education system is the need of the hour. In order to pass a standard it should be made essential to achieve a high score in this subject of moral education. This will force/help the child to at-least write the positive behaviours, in order to write the positive behaviours in answer sheet, s/he will have to learn the positive behaviours and finally if we can reach till this point, we can think of reduced number of new incidences. This will not only help the future adults to say no to negative peer pressure but they will also be able to understand the ways to avoid the risky behaviours like rash driving, bullying, betting, un-protected sex at an immature age etc. and will also know, how to cope with physical, emotional and psychosocial changes occurring in their own bodies and brians.

This may also reduce the number of rapes, suicides, acid attacks and developing porn mms by the young students and reducing the number of addicts of various substances can also be done. Although, we can not expect the overnight change in changing the phenomenon of masculinity among young men but at least we can start the process towards the cause of helping adolescents in developing as a good human being with positive behaviours and with a sense of dignity, respect for other members of the society irrespective of their biological gender.


Abhishek Dixit

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Please support this start to provide essential and formal moral education to our kids because our joint families based society is converting (almost converted in urban areas) into the nuclear...

Please support this start to provide essential and formal moral education to our kids because our joint families based society is converting (almost converted in urban areas) into the nuclear families where most of the times, both the parents are working and our adolescents mainly feel loneliness at home. Hence anyone can easily and negatively influence our kids because they are not equipped with essential life skills and are freaking outside the strong social security cover of family members.

The things are worst when young male adults migrates from rural areas to the metropolitan cities and see the liberalized women rubbing their shoulders with men, where women are often/mostly proven themselves a step ahead of men. Because, as NFHS data also shows that, the condition of women in our rural Indian habitations is not improving as this has improved in urban areas. Rural women depends on male members to take the decisions about their life, therefore, these rural migrants often mis-understand the normal day to day chores of urban women and commit henious crimes against them because they hadnt seen the women can also work, look, decide like men and they don't accept it as a normal life by a human being. Hence, the rural schools and community needs more sensitization on gender component of social engineering.

I, therefore, request you to kindly sign this petition for ministry of HRD and Dept. of Education of all the state governments to include a uniform, vibrant and persuaded life skills curriculum in elementary education system.

Hope, we can try to hit the moon and people will come and say that essential formal moral education is the need of the hour in Indian societies. We actually want that governments need to think beyond the political mileages and agendas on this issue of developing healthy minds for future.......


Abhishek Dixit


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