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Please support this start to provide essential and formal moral education to our kids because our joint families based society is converting (almost converted in urban areas) into the nuclear families where most of the times, both the parents are working and our adolescents mainly feel loneliness at home. Hence anyone can easily and negatively influence our kids because they are not equipped with essential life skills and are freaking outside the strong social security cover of family members.

The things are worst when young male adults migrates from rural areas to the metropolitan cities and see the liberalized women rubbing their shoulders with men, where women are often/mostly proven themselves a step ahead of men. Because, as NFHS data also shows that, the condition of women in our rural Indian habitations is not improving as this has improved in urban areas. Rural women depends on male members to take the decisions about their life, therefore, these rural migrants often mis-understand the normal day to day chores of urban women and commit henious crimes against them because they hadnt seen the women can also work, look, decide like men and they don't accept it as a normal life by a human being. Hence, the rural schools and community needs more sensitization on gender component of social engineering.

I, therefore, request you to kindly sign this petition for ministry of HRD and Dept. of Education of all the state governments to include a uniform, vibrant and persuaded life skills curriculum in elementary education system.

Hope, we can try to hit the moon and people will come and say that essential formal moral education is the need of the hour in Indian societies. We actually want that governments need to think beyond the political mileages and agendas on this issue of developing healthy minds for future.......


Abhishek Dixit


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