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In 2005, 18 year old Michael Simmons shot a weapon with blanks into the air. This first time offender was sentenced to 25 years although no one was injured or killed, receiving more time than one who commits murder.
Mr. Simmons didn’t receive a fair trial. He had thirty minutes to decide to plead guilty and serve twenty years or take his case to trial and serve a maximum sentence of forty four years, if found guilty. It was the job of the public defender to ensure that his client received a fair trial. Immediately, the judge should have intervened because they are to ensure that their hearings are conducted in a fair manner. Since there weren’t any continuances allowed for this particular case, a psych evaluation or drug screen wasn’t completed to ensure that Michael was even capable of attending trial, his Human Rights was violated.
It is the state representative’s job to form state laws that benefit not only their constituents but also the people that have to follow them while the attorney general has authority in the areas of consumer protection and organized crime. NO ONE seems to be protecting the underprivileged and I want to put a stop to that!


Author Diane Simmons

Sign the petition to pardon Michael Simmons. Black men and women are being charged twice the amount of time that he or she should be given. Force our public defenders, judges, state representatives and state attorney general to DO THEIR JOB! Create new laws, modify or update old laws, assist with justice problems and uplift our communities. The time is now!


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