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Please see the request below and please make a quick donation of $1-$5 at so we can reunite Tyler with his wife this weekend!

Note from his mother:
"Tyler has had a setback on his rehab, and he is very down and not doing so good so we are hoping if we surround him with lots of people that love him he will get his determination back. Last Friday evening he fell out of his wheelchair and injured his right leg even further so his rehab has been slowed way down. He had gotten his first set of prosthetics and had been walking on them for about 8 days when this happened. I really do understand if it is too late to fly the love of his life here this week, and he will too, but I told him I would check for him. Thank you again for everything. Have a Merry Christmas."

Won't you help us book this ticket? Thank you. YOU ARE LUKE'S WINGS!

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