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Avoid using of plastics

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Look around you. How many things do you see made from plastic? Bags, buckets, toys, bottles, etc. Plastics seem to have found their use in numerous things, and yet, we know that the use of plastics is not environment friendly.

Plastics are non-biodegradable solids. Hence, disposing plastics is very difficult. When burnt, they release some toxic fumes which cause ozone depletion and pollution. Even during the manufacture of plastics, many chemicals are released into the air as well as into water. All these bear hazardous environmental consequences.

- Avoid plastics wherever possible
- Avoid using disposable plastic cups, cutlery and plates
- Use a cloth bag when shopping instead of accepting a plastic bag to hold your purchases
- Throw garbage in disposable bags rather than the non-disposable plastic varieties
- Throw garbage into bins where animals cannot access it
- Avoid burning garbage, especially if it includes plastics in it...

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