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There's a fictional student named Gus. Gus is normally a good student. However living on his own for his first time is rough. Gus is experiencing all types of pressure from his family, and he becomes discouraged because college is more difficult than he thought it would be. His grades drop, and he is becoming increasingly depressed. He starts thinking about suicide. However, Gus rejects any notion of reaching out for help. He keeps telling himself, "if I stop going to school, I won't have loans, and heck I am already in debt as it is!" and "If I go to a mental hospital, I will fail the course". Gus is ill and needs to make his mental health a priority, however there is no law protecting him from the University penalizing him academically or financially.
Gus, and other Real life college students need your help. We need to make sure that students are not in any way discouraged from reaching out for psychological help. Doing so will help reduce the mental health problems in college students that can cause homicides and suicides.

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