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Honorable Joseph A McBride, Chenango County D.A Office

We Demand That Michele Keech, 62 of Greene, Ny face the Maximum Penalty For Arson & Aggravated Animal Cruelty, Allegedly Setting fire to the basement, where 33 dogs were believed to be killed--Ms Keech is a Danger and Should be held Accountable for each of the 33 Dogs Set Ablaze!
We Respecfully Demand that Animal Cruelty L aws Be Upheld
We Are Their Voices-& Here Are Our Names.....


Trudy Carle

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Sign This Petition To Set Precedent For All States, Countries, WORLDWIDE That Animal Cruelty Will NOT Be Tolerated!!! Be These 33 Angels Voices--Sign This Petition and I will Hand Deliever To Honorable Agunzo Myself,!!


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