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Make This Country (INDIA) A Better Place For Living For Girls..And To Stop This Shame..

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I Strongly Think These Rapists Should Be Sentenced To Death. . . There Should Be NO MERCY For These Retarded People !!!!!

I'm pretty sure putting up safety for women as your bbm status won't do much in helping people bringing these sad rapists to justice , if you really want to contribute to our country then take to the streets , start something , a movement ? Actions talk louder than words and that is what I believe . Women have to show the country how far they've come and that they are strong enough to fight back our stereotypical society . Make sure these rapists get the death penalty . It's time to stand up to your rights .

It Is Really Now A High Time To Save Our Country From These Retarded People !!
#Justice To Be Done ASAP !!


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